TruBios’s mission is to translate life sciences in Latin America by providing unique access to its technologies, markets, people, and governments. Our extensive network in Latin America and global client base include academics/universities, scientists, entrepreneurs, biotechnology/ pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals/ healthcare facilities from around the world.

Tarjeta Contacto PIFARMA

PiFarma is CerCa’s distributor for the Mexican market, it’s also the first and only company in Mexico that specializes in developing integrated business solutions for pharmaceutical products and services strategically oriented public and private institutions in the health sector.


Scienta is the second distributor for CerCa in the Mexican Market, it’s part of a Private Pharmaceutical Group, dedicated to the marketing and distribution of innovative pharmaceutical products both as separate high-quality generics.


New Era Solutions is the exclusive distributor for CerCa en El Salvador, it’s a technology transfer company and distributor of medical devices and pharmaceuticals for the Salvadorean market.